Training and Safety

St Tammany Fire Protection District #1 Training Division is committed to providing it’s customers with the highest quality of emergency services. This is accomplished by assuring that all members Fire District #1 as well as its public safety partners receive cutting edge training on the latest fire and emergency topics. These topics include incident management, firefighter safety and survival, fire suppression, hazardous materials, emergency medical services, technical rescue and personnel management. This training takes place not only at the Fire District #1 training facility but at training venues throughout the country. These experiences assure that members of Fire District #1 are receiving the latest in public safety training.

St Tammany Fire District #1 Training Division is not only responsible for initial training but on going refresher and continuing education training. Every year members receive annual EMS, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Driving, Human Resources and Technical Rescue refresher training. The training division assures that daily required training is completed to maintain compliance with PIAL. PIAL compliance is critical to sustaining and enhancing Fire Insurance Ratings for the customers of St Tammany Fire District #1.

St Tammany Fire District #1 Training Division is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to enhance the quality and level of emergency services provided to its customers.

EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

St Tammany Fire Protection District #1 is committed to providing the highest quality emergency medical services to its customers. Fire District #1 provides Basic and Advanced Life Support response under the leadership of it’s Medical Director Robert Muller, MD. The tiered emergency response system includes Fire District #1 providing first response to all potentially life threatening emergencies. Acadian Ambulance Service provides patient transportation to the most appropriate health care facility. Every Fire Engine has an EMT-Basic on board capable of administering Epinephrine, Breathing Treatments, Aspirin and Combi-Tubes. Everyday several Fire District #1 Companies are available with EMT-Intermediates or Paramedics on board that render life saving advanced life support, such as IV’s/IO’s, Advanced Airways and Life Saving Medications. These advanced life support units are available for first response in their areas or can be dispatched anywhere in the Fire District #1 or surrounding fire districts if the ambulance will have a delayed response. This is to assure that any person experiencing a potential life threatening condition within Fire District #1 or surrounding jurisdictions receives advanced care in less than 10 minutes of the call for assistance.

Emergency Management

St Tammany Fire Protection District #1 is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of protection by executing an All Hazards approach to Emergency Management. Emergency management is achieved by conducting continuous employee development, assuring Fire District #1 is fully NIMS compliant, utilizing the latest in GIS, Pictometry and storm tracking programs, constantly improving its command post operations, dynamic all hazards plan development, enhancement of Fire District #1 infrastructure and maintaining constant communications with local, state, Federal and private emergency management partners. These activities position Fire District #1 to readily and rapidly respond to a crisis of any scale.


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