The Suppression Division is responsible for providing round the clock service to the public.  We at St Tammany Fire District No.1 take an all hazards approach to emergency services.  Responding to Hazardous Material Incidents, Rescue calls of all types from water, elevator, confined space, trench, and vehicle extrication to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR).  We also provide both advanced (Paramedic) and basic (EMT) medical life support. Service calls range from the smell of smoke to water removal, and electrical investigations. Fire Suppression includes woods fires, vehicle fires, residential and commercial structure fires.

The suppression Division consists of three (3) platoons.  Each platoon works a 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule; more commonly known as a 24/48 schedule.  Each platoon consists of (43) members, a (1) Deputy Fire Chief, two (2) District Chiefs, ten (10) Captains, ten (10) Fire Operators, eighteen (18) Firefighters, and two (2) Fire Prevention Officers. Each platoon staffs six (6) Engines with pumping capacities from 1250-2000 gallons per minute (gpm), two (2) Water Tenders with a minimum water carrying capacity of 3,500 gallons, a (1) Heavy Rescue, a (1) Hose Tender stocked with a mile of 5” hose and a minimum of (1) ladder truck.

Responding from eight (8) fire stations strategically located throughout the District, the Fire District is divided into two geographic areas. Each of these areas is commanded by a District Chief.  District 1 consists of four (4) fire stations; District 2 consists of four (4) fire stations and special operations.  Each engine is staffed with a minimum of three (3) personnel.  Ladder, water tender, and other units are staffed with a minimum of two personnel.

The suppression division is equipped with state of the art technology to augment their aggressive interior fire attack; including:  personal protective equipment (PPE), Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) to aid in rescue of trapped persons and locating hidden fires, mobile data terminals (currently being installed) to aid in response to and command of incident scenes.  Even with all the technology advancements, the strength and training of this division is ultimately what it takes to get the job done. The suppression Division prides itself with providing the best possible care and attention to minimizing property loss; however, preserving life is our highest priority. 

Today’s Firefighters must possess knowledge of building construction, hydraulics, emergency medical procedures, triage, fire suppression systems, safe driving practices, salvage, overhaul, ventilation, hazardous materials, and rescue just to name a few. The Suppression crews are your Special Forces unit of the emergency services; given a task they will complete the mission!  While not engaged in firefighting, the Suppression Division spends a great amount of time maintaining their equipment, and fire station. Crews also participate in formal fire training, pre-fire incident planning, fire hydrant inspections, public education events, recertifying skills in hazardous materials, specialized rescue and Emergency Medical Training.

We are the people to call when you don’t know who to call!

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