Notice of Regular Board of Commissioners Meeting July 17, 2018← Back

Notice Posted: July 13, 2018
Time Posted:  3:30 p.m.
A public HEARING will be held as follows:
DATE: July 17, 2018
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
PLACE OF MEETING: Tower’s Bldg., 520 Old Spanish Trail, Slidell, LA 70458- Fifth Floor
Call to Order
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Awards & Recognition:
Swear in New Hires: Torrey Dallas, Jonathon Lankford, Casey Lessard
Swear in: Training Officer Austin Graham
20 Years of Service: Charles Davis, Danny Herod, John Wadsworth
Medical Response Recognition Letters
Approval of Minutes- May 15, 2018 (updated), June 19, 2018
Old Business:  
New Business:
1. Chief’s Report
a) Significant Monthly Events
Health Insurance Renewal
1 resignation
Update: Dispatch Intergovernmental Agreement 
b) Station 13/HQ- Update
c) Public Campaign/ Outreach- (none)
d) Operations Report
e) Maintenance Report
f) Fire Prevention Report
g) Training Report
h) Communications Report
i) General Comments
2. SFFA (Slidell Firefighters Association) 
3.   PMI Report
a) Employee Benefits – None
b) Human Resource 
1) 2018-031: BOC Resolution (Adopt Fire Records Fee Schedule)
2) 2018-032: BOC Resolution (Approve Engagement of Architect for Central Station)
c) Payroll – 2019 Budget Forecast 
d) FRS (Firefighters Retirement System) - None
e) VFIS Special Risk Insurance & LWCC- None
4. Duplantier Hrapman Hogan & Maher, LLP
a) Financial Statements Review
5. Attorney Report
6. Board of Commissioner Comments
7. Adjournment
Cheryl Gross, Secretary, Board of Commissioners
St. Tammany Fire District #1
1358 Corporate Square Dr. Slidell, LA  70458
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