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LUCAS Chest Compression Device Facts Sheet

  • The LUCAS Chest Compression System is designed to deliver uninterrupted chest compressions at a consistent rate and depth
  • It facilitates consistent blood flow from the moment it is turned on, helping to improve a patient’s chance for survival
  • It can be applied in as little as 20 seconds and frees up more hands to perform other life-saving functions
  • When a patient has to be carried downstairs or is ready to be put into the ambulance, the LUCAS device will allow for uninterrupted chest compressions
  • Studies have shown rescuers fatigue after only 2 minutes of manual CPR. Once fatigued, rate and depth of compressions decrease
  • St. Tammany Fire District #1 put its first LUCAS device in service on November 12, 2014 at our busiest fire station
  • The LUCAS device cost $14,500 and comes with two 45 minute rechargeable batteries
  • We currently own one LUCAS device with plans to purchase four additional devices in the first quarter of 2015
  • We have 95 EMTs, 11 Paramedics, and 35 First Responders on the department
  • All emergency response personnel have been trained on how to use the LUCAS device
  • On average, we have 32 EMTs and 3 Paramedics working every day
  • Since being put into service, the device has been used on 13 cardiac arrest patients. We successfully restored a pulse in 29 percent of those patients.
  • In 2014, we treated 83 patients in cardiac arrest (without a LUCAS device) and restored a pulse in 14 percent of those patients
  • There are almost 424,000 EMS-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) each year in the United States
  • The national average for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests survival rate is 10.6 percent (without a LUCAS device)

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Chad Duffaut

Chief of Fire Prevention/PIO

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