Notice Posted: April 11, 2014/Amended April 12, 2014
A public meeting/hearing will be held as follows:

DATE: April 15, 2014
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
PLACE OF MEETING: Tower’s Bldg., 520 Old Spanish Trail, Slidell, LA 70458

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer
Roll Call

Awards & Recognition
  •  Wounded Warrior/ Corey Garmon Build Project
Approval of Minutes
Old Business
  a)  Update on Radio System - George Bonnett (or STPSO Representative)
New Business:
1.    Chief’s Report
  a.)    LWCC Dividend Check
  b.)    Fire Prevention- Commission Officers
  c.)    Budget Workshop
  d.)    Public Campaign—Haz Mat drill on April 25, at 10:00 a.m.
  e.)    Surplus Mobile Bldg.- Serial # CHVM4611 836 28787AB
        (Resolution 2013-010)
  f.)    Station/Bldg./Land Update- request additional $250,000 funds
        (Resolution 2014-013)
  g.)    Adopt 2013 Audit Compliance Questionnaire (Resolution 2014-015)
  h.)    Vehicle Maintenance Committee report
  i.)    General Comments

2.  PMI Report
  a.)    Employee Benefits
    1.)    Dependent Insurance Meeting: April 2 (2nd meeting)
  b.)    Human Resource
    1)    2014-009: BOC Resolution (CSB Appointment)
    2)    2014-010: BOC Resolution (Surplus Property- Temporary Housing Station 14)
    3)    2014- 011: BOC Resolution (VFIS Renewal- Commercial Property & Casualty)
    4)    2014- 012: BOC Resolution (BOC Background Checks- VFIS Crime Coverage)
    5)    2014- 013: BOC Resolution (Land Acquisition)
    6)    2014-014:  BOC Resolution (Un Restrict Staff/Command Vehicles
        (Rolling Stock, Facilities & Equipment Fund))
    7)    2014-015:  BOC Resolution (Adopt 2013 Audit Questionnaire)
    8)    2014-016:  BOC Resolution
        (Approve pending Architect, Legal & Admin Review Lowest Responsible
        Bidder for Multi-Purpose Building)- Discussion only
    9)    2014-017:  BOC Resolution (Rescind Internal Spending Cap in Excess of $5,000)
        Discussion Only
    10)    2014-018:  BOC Resolution (Chief of Operations)- Discussion Only
    11)    Fire Prevention: Commissioned Officers
  c.)    Payroll
  d.)    FRS (Firefighters Retirement System)
  e.)    VFIS Special Risk Insurance & LWCC
    1)    VFIS Depreciation Valuation (Temp Housing, Transportation, Set-up & Pole Barn)
        Station 14 ($46,430)
    2)    VFIS- Station 14 Removal of Pole Barn & Temp Housing- Extra Expense Claim Submitted
    3)    VFIS- Risk Control Survey: Policy for Transfer of Care of Intubated Patients
    4)    VFIS- 2014 Renewal: Effective 5/6/2014
      a.) Downpayment (25%): $70,932.29
3.   DiGiovanni & Associates, CPAs LLC
  a.)    Financial Statements Review
4.   Attorney’s Report
  a.)    Land/ Bldg. Update
5.    Board of Commissioner Comments
6.    Adjournment
Cheryl Gross, Secretary, Board of Commissioners
St. Tammany Fire District #1
1358 Corporate Square Dr. Slidell, LA  70458

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special
assistance, please contact Cheryl Gross at (985) 649-3665, describing the
assistance that is necessary.
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