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Fire District #1 Hurricane
Summary of Operations
Prior to Landfall
  • Command staff met to assess the storm and coordinate a response plan
  • All eight (8) Fire Stations were fully staffed and extra personnel brought in to staff special operations units (high water trucks, humvees, and boats)
  • All equipment was checked, serviced, and operational (generators, chain saws, etc.)
  • Communications (Dispatch) was fully staffed and extra personnel brought in early due to a projected increase in call volume
After Landfall
  • Command staff personnel met to assess the damage and coordinate an operational response plan
  • Incident command was set up at the District’s headquarters to oversee all hurricane response operations
  • Personnel performed daily windshield surveys to monitor areas of the district that were flooded or received storm damage
  • Met daily with Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer and his command staff to continue to assess the progress of the recovery
  • Liaisons were placed at the City of Slidell, Slidell Police Department, and St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Over 100 personnel were on duty, consisting of (Eight (8) Teams), that cleared trees from all the major roadways within our 125 square miles district in 48 hours (Wards 8 & 9)
  • Within the city limits of Slidell, three (3) teams cleared roadways, with the assistance of backhoes from the Slidell Public Works Department and an Officer from the Slidell Police Department
  • The other five (5) teams cleared roadways in the unincorporated areas of the district
  • Over 30 chain saws were utilized to help cut trees off the roadways
  • Responded to eight (8) residential structure fires and three (3) commercial structure fires from August 29 through September 6
  • During this same time period, we responded to an additional 383 calls including, alarms, medicals, and generator/carbon monoxide issues
Special Operations
  • Personnel from the Fire Prevention, Maintenance, and Training divisions assisted with securing the necessary provisions to be able to sustain operations (food, fuel, supplies) and also assisted operations in the field
  • Assisted the city of Slidell with the distribution of water and cleaning supplies through Operation Blessing
  • Distributed tarps to citizens in need
  • Fire District #1 saw a 57% increase in call volume from August 29 to September 6, as compared to the previous nine (9) days
  • Between August 29 and September 6 our Fire Dispatch answered 5,472 calls in St. Tammany Parish, which includes all of the parishes’ fire departments and coroner’s office 
As of September 7, 2021, we have resumed normal operations.  We stand ready today to serve the citizens of Fire District #1.
Fire Chief
Chris Kaufmann


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